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Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics facilitates businesses to perform management by “facts”.  It helps decision makers in timely decision making supported by data reporting, analysis and dashboard that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends.

Client Challenges

  • Growing volumes of organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time and with more certainty
  • Absence of consistent master data, enterprise information and systems to manage the same
  • Analysis of a large volume of information for decision making
  • Need for greater precision in the prediction process
  • Inefficient utilization of technology models  leading to uncertainty and hence, degradation in the quality of service 

What YMSLI Provides

YMSLI enables organizations to develop and deploy automated information delivery systems using best-of-breed BI platform. Our full life-cycle services include:

  • Assessments and Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture and Design
  • Development, Testing, and Deployment
  • Training
  • Reporting, Ad Hoc Query, Analysis, KPIs, Dashboards, Portals
  • BI As Managed Service
  • Operational Support

YMSLI expertise

YMSLI’s Business Intelligence is exclusively focused on the QlikView business intelligence platform.  We are an OEM partner to Qlik Tech.  Our offerings include implementation services, support and enhancement services and BI consulting. 

What makes YMSLI stand out from other BI firms is the completeness of our solutions, our rapid time to tangible values and high rates of user adoption.  We build our solutions to support the way our customers do business while leveraging their existing IT investments. 

QlikView has the unique feature of

  • In-Memory BI: QlikView's in memory approach eliminates the dependence on rigid, pre-built data models. This allows users true self-service, so they can easily create their own dashboard view of the data. Because QlikView operates entirely in memory it can combine business intelligence data from any number of sources with high performance, regardless how those sources perform on their own.
  • Associative Search: QlikView allows users to search and interact with their business intelligence data in the same way they think - associatively. Users can instantly see connections and relationships between data residing in different applications, systems, organizations, and regions, all by themselves.

With QlikView, Business Users can

  • Uncover hidden trends and make data driven discoveries that results in innovative decisions
  • Ask questions and pursue insights on your own or collaboratively — on the fly, on the road
  • Search across all your data to get the big picture—just type any word or phrase, in any order, into the QlikView search box for instant, associative results that let you see new connections and relationships across your data
  • Benefit from self-service BI with no need to go back to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports

QlikView has been deployed worldwide across diverse modules. These include but not limited to:

  • Retail Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistic and Supply Chain
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Finance and Governance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Aftermarket Service and Support
  • Travel
  • Business Planning
  • Infrastructure Services
  • E-Commerce

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