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Building tomorrow's mobile enterprise

Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive technology innovation faced by enterprises today. In the past few years, mobile devices have evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way companies do business. Mobility can help companies leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers more effectively.

Get highly specialized engineering capabilities across all major mobile platforms and associated backend technologies, from ideation to analytics, with our Mobility Solutions.

Client Challenges

  • Create new mobile-driven business processes
  • Define new business models for mobile implementation
  • IT policies vs. smartphone app explosion

What YMSLI Provides
YMSLI’ mobility services are comprehensive and cover every aspect of mobile application development both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side. These include the following:

  • Mobility Strategy Consulting
  • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Custom Solutions
  • Enterprise and Consumer Apps
  • Robust Performance

We provide multi-platform support:

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android (Phones and Tablets)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • HTML 5 native hybrid applications

YMSLI Products
Unwire your employees, customers, and partners with proven, highly-rated mobile products. Transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps for your workforce, customers, and partners. Built with the latest leading-edge mobile technology, our apps can help you liberate enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision making, and better engage with consumers – for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity.

YMSLI has built its own Mobile products on iOS and Android platform.

YMDms: Diet Management System
PDA/Mobile based Software Application for Patient Diet Plan Management, Helps to manage Food and Beverages Department, Hospital Operations Department, Diet Bookings & Distribution, Instant Alerts for Diet Plans Change/Update, Patients Update Patient Health Parameters, New Patients & Bed Transfer, Cancelled Orders, Fill the gap between Doctors, Dieticians and Food & beverages dept. and help reducing inventory cost.

ConnectConf: A Conference App
ConnectConf is a platform to help improve your event experience. It allows event managers and organizers to give attendees an unprecedented level of engagement and information through their mobile devices. We work with you to find the features that are best for your event and build a system that helps achieve your goals while saving you time, money, and effort to create an immersive, interactive experience that extends beyond the confines of your venue.

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