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IT has changed the way world works and we aspire to become one of the change agent. Having established our credentials in global delivery models, domain expertise and corporate governance, we are now focused on delivering value to forward-looking customers and employees. We believe that the true essence of a company lies in its rich employee base.

Career Development 
To experience value, you need people who are engaged, equipped and empowered. At YMSLI, we treat “clients” as well as “employees” at the same platform. Our enlightened approach to employee development focus on giving people whatever they need to succeed.

Employees participate in a performance review at least once a year, receiving feedback on their skills, achievement of personal and business objectives and the extent to which they demonstrate our values. All employees are offered the opportunity to discuss and agree a personal development plan to address the needs of the current role and their future career aspirations.

We provide ample space for every individual to grow professionally and personally and for that everybody is entitled to have regular trainings and certification courses. Consistent performers get chance to work onsite as well. Since we work on very specific skills, we have a very well trained workforce which is at par with leading IT companies globally. At YMSLI, we believe in giving Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment and Transformation.

Employment Opportunity/Criteria
We are a new company and being originated from a global brand like Yamaha Motors, we try to carry and maintain this image. We respect fresh talent and believe that young minds can steer this organization to a higher position. We have minds who share a common vision to position the organization as a premier IT Solutions and Services provider.

We are always open to take in candidates who have that fire to achieve the corporate goals and make things happen in a positive direction. That's why every candidate is important for us and every selection is critical as we don't compromise on quality. Therefore, utmost importance is to attract the best talent into the organization, train continuously , improve the skill set of these professionals and help them perform in the most challenging assignments and finally retain our biggest asset-our people.

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