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Emerging Technology to Solve Problem Innovatively

Emerging technology and innovation labs were set up in 2017 to work in cutting-edge technologies and solve industry 4.0 problems. Innovation lab focused to build future-ready solutions that create a world-class experience for our customers. We work with the brightest minds in technology and design to build the future. The emerging technology and innovation lab will continuously work on path-breaking technologies that are valuable for our customers.

Our Focused Area

Smart Factory

The rise of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.1, the convergence of digital and physical worlds - including Information Technology and Operations Technology has made manufacturing more interconnected. A true smart factory must integrate data from various system-wide assets to drive efficiency in manufacturing, maintenance, inventory and digitization of important operations.

Internet of Things

IoT is transforming our world. Advanced sensors will enable the next generation of IoT devices. We are already seeing the impact of IoT in manufacturing and the entire supply chain. We are growing applications of IoT in the coming future. This will extend beyond the machine and will create a great experience for a man and machine.

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous and self-guided vehicles along with advanced robotics will have a meaningful impact on the world. We see an increased application of AGVs in the future smart factories. AGVs will usher in a new revolution of efficiency and accuracy, especially in complex operations that involve several parts to work together.


AI/ML will power the future of smart factories. AI/ML is enabling the revolution of predictive maintenance, adaptive manufacturing and quality control with high accuracy. AI/ML also has a major impact on demand-driven production. With the rise of smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, consumer trends and behavioral data can inform downstream supply chain and manufacturing activities.

Quality Inspection

The 4th industrial revolution is taking visual inspection and automation to a new level. The ability of high-end cameras to detect the minutest of the detects has enabled high-quality manufacturing. The future of smart manufacturing will depend on highly trained and consistently developing models that automate quality inspection.


With AR/VR engineering has gone to the next level of evolution. AR/VR can have a powerful impact on the shop floor. The frequency of errors can be reduced drastically when an AR guide is used instead of traditional printed descriptions.

Technology Is Changing Everyday

To stay ahead of the curve we partner with the smartest startup teams, industry associations, educational institutions and the corporate to build a proof of concepts in our defined technology scope.

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